The user-friendly, lightweight, and fast email client Latest Release: 3.14.1 (News), on 6 November 2016

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6th November 2016                                   Claws Mail 3.14.1


Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast 
email client.

New in this release:

* 'hide_timezone', a new hidden preference that sets the timezone of
  date fields sent over the network to the unknown timezone value as
  specified in RFC 5322 §3.3.  Default value is false (i.e., send
  available timezone information).

* 'rewrite_first_from', a new hidden preference which  works around a
  limitation of some servers with 'overly-liberal parsers'. When this
  is turned on and the Content-Transfer-Encoding is set to 8bit or
  7bit, in a message body starting with 'From ' the 'From ' will
  become '=46rom ' (i,e, encoded form of 'F') and the Content-
  Transfer-Encoding will be changed to Quoted-Printable. When it is
  turned off no such modification will be made but it is very likely
  that an MTA will convert the 'From ' to '>From '. See RFC 4155 for
  further details. Default value is '1', turned on.

* Templates: it is now possible to attach a file, using
  '|attach_output{sub_expr}' or '|A{sub_expr}', 'sub_expr' is
  evaluated as a command-line to get the filename name from, using an
  absolute /path/to/filename.

* IMAP mailboxes which show subscribed folders only are now indicated
  by a green folder icon.

  * The Icon Legend has had the missing folder icons added and also has
  an improved layout.

* Drafted messages: Do not add Message-ID for draft, unless the
  message already has one. A Message-ID header is now only added when
  queuing a message, and any existing Message-ID and References
  headers in drafts, if there are any, are kept.

* Disable hiding threads and messages in draft folders.

* The /View/Go to/... actions now respect the 'Open message when
  selected' option.

* In the UI 'POP' is used instead of 'POP3', 'IMAP' instead of
  'IMAP4', 'SSL/TLS' instead of 'SSL'.

* GnuTLS: Enforce "strong enough" Diffie-Hellman prime even when
  using older versions of GnuTLS library.

  Since GnuTLS 3.1.7, this minimum size is dictated by the priority
  string, and currently (GnuTLS 3.3.0) the "safe-enough" value is
  1008 bits. We set this minimum size explicitly for older GnuTLS

  Users who are affected by this (their servers use DH prime smaller
  than 1008 bits) can override this by using a priority string
  starting with the keyword "LEGACY". However, this keyword only
  works with GnuTLS 3.3.0 or newer.

* RSSyl plugin: Enable keeping old items by default.

* vCalendar plugin: The ics file name is now used for the WebCal
  subscription folder name.

* vCalendar plugin: Use hours/minutes for vcalendar alert time.

* Notification plugin: Add support for unity/messaging menu.

* PDF Viewer plugin: The icons are now themeable.

* Updated manual in English and Spanish.

* Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Czech, Danish,
  Dutch, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian
  Bokmål, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese,
  and Turkish.

* Bug fixes:
	o bug 2918, 'Notification Popup icon is hardcoded'
	o bug 3207, 'Claws segfaults when closing LDAP-enabled
		     address book'
	o bug 3515, 'Ctrl-Shift-X opens multiple external editors'
	o bug 3638, 'GData Plugin fails after initial Google
	o bug 3665, 'Fix config script for macOS'
	o bug 3666, 'Typos in Turkish translation'
	o bug 3667, 'segfault in imap_session_authenticate'
	o bug 3675, 'RSSyl crash when opening Atom feed'
	o bug 3676, 'RSSyl crash when opening Atom feed with XML
		     depth >= 3'
	o bug 3678, 'Segfault when trying to add new account'
	o bug 3684, 'Socket error with POP3 using TLS client
	o bug 3697, 'Export to mbox' causes crash'
	o bug 3705, 'active account Mail Address corrupted when
		     address in Message-ID is used'
	o bug 3711, 'Usage of (s)'
	o bug 3712, 'Name of the example domain in the translation'
	o fix non-resizeable Icon Legend dialogue
	o Fix a potential bug in vcalendar's libical
	o Fix potential crash in vcalendar's icalcomponent_vanew() on
	  64-bit archs.
	o Fix regression: show simple text/calendar with plugin.
	o Fix crash in vcalendar passwords handling on prefs save.
	o Few miscellaneous fixes for RSSyl.
	o several memory leaks.
	o Don't check for encrypt() on FreeBSD.
	o Add OpenBSD CA cert path.
	o Do not process folder marks when just refreshing

For further details of the numbered bugs and RFEs listed above

See ChangeLog for full information regarding changes in this release.


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