The user-friendly, lightweight, and fast email client Latest Release: 3.11.0 (News), on 20 October 2014

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20th October 2014                                   Claws Mail 3.11.0


Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast 
email client.

New in this release:

* SSLv3 server connections are now disabled by default, in response
  to the POODLE vulnerability, see

* Several PGP/Core plugin improvements
  Indicate when a key has been revoked or has expired when displaying
  signature status. For example,
	"Good signature from %s, but the key has expired."
	"Good signature from %s, but the key has been revoked."
  When displaying the full information, show the Validity, and the
  Owner Trust level. Also indicate expired and revoked keys, and
  revoked UIDs.

  The "Content-Disposition: attachment" flag in PGP/MIME signed
  messages has been removed. It was confusing for cetain MUAs.

* A new version of the RSSyl plugin, completely redesigned and
  rewritten. Migration from the previous version is automatic,
  it has a new storage format in ~/.claws-mail/RSSyl/ (hierarchical
  directories instead of flat file format). It uses the expat
  library instead of libxml2 for parsing feed data.

* The results of TAB address completion in the Compose window have
  improved ordering.
	Order of results:
	1. Match beginning of name
	2. Match beginning of additional names
	3. Match complete email address before @
	4. Match beginning of email address
	5. Compare relative position of match
	6. Compare name alphabetically
	7. Compare address alphabetically.
* Due to popular demand, use of the Up key in the message body in the
  Compose window stops at the top of the message body and does not
  continue up to the header fields. This reverts the behaviour
  introduced in version 3.10.0.

* In the Compose window, when navigating with the arrow keys,
  selecting, and thus modifying, the Account selector is now

* In the Compose window, a mnemonic (s) has been added to the Subject

* The Queue folder is highlighted if there are messages in its sub-
  folders and the tree is collapsed.

* When sorting messages by 'thread date', clicking the 'Date' column
  header will now toggle between ascending/descending and will not
  switch to 'date' sorting.

* A new QuickSearch filter has been added that searches a header's
  content only.
  H S : messages which contain S in the value of any header.

* A Reply-To field has been added to the main Template configuration.

* The menubar can now be hidden, default hotkey: F12.

* Fancy plugin: A user-controlled stylesheet can now be used.

* Python plugin: Add flag attributes to MessageInfo object.

* Python plugin: Make 'account' property of ComposeWindow read/write.

* Libravatar plugin: a network timeout option has been added.

* appdata has been added for package managers, it must be
  specifically enabled, using ./configure --enable-appdata
  See for further

* The script, for converting a Thunderbird mailbox to
  a Claws Mail mailbox, now handles sub-directory recursion.

* Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Dutch,
  Esperanto, Finnish, German, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Slovak, Spanish,
  and Swedish

* Bug fixes:
	o bug 3173, 'quick search ignores trailing blank'
	o bug 3211, 'Fails to build in Debian hurd-i386 architecture'
	o bug 3212, 'When msgnum matches a sub-folder name, fetch
	o bug 3221, 'IMAP: Claws Mail has issues with Yahoo IMAP
	o bug 3235, 'Extraneous double quotes inside base64-encoded
		     From header confuse 'Reply' action'
	o bug 3236, 'sc_html_parse_tag() does not recognize '
' as line break' o bug 3246, 'attachment open: "remember this" ignored if ~/.mailcap does not exist' o bug 3265, 'procmime.c: unbalanced flockfile() / funlockfile()' o bug 3300, 'Cannot send/receive mail when SSL 3.0 is not supported on the server' o Debian bug 755022, '[claws-mail-spam-report] likely useless to report to Debian because of the use of http instead of https' o Disable SSL3.0 entirely as a Poodle fix. o fix msg display when utf8_instead_of_locale_for_broken_mail is turned off and you use a UTF-8 locale o fix building without gnuTLS support o Don't differentiate the protocols used when using direct SSL/TLS versus STARTTLS o disallow editing any account (even current account) when at least one compose window is open o Actually display "(No From)" in messageview's From column when appropriate. o When changing focus in folderview, make sure the newly focused folder is visible first. o various fixes to flaws reported by Coverity scan o PGP/Core plugin: Don't automatically re-check signatures o PGP/Core plugin: fix erroneous 'untrusted' msg based on validity not trust o Make INBOX case-insensitive (as RFC states) o Python plugin: Fix ComposeWindow.get_account_selection For further details of the numbered bugs and RFEs listed above consult --------------------------------------------------------------------- See ChangeLog for full information regarding changes in this release.

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