Claws Mail has been ported to the Maemo platform for use on Nokia internet tablets such as the 770, n800, or n810. Install
Claws Mail screenshot
Some of the Claws Mail plugins are available:
To install Claws Mail on OS 2008, click here.

Alternatively, for OS 2007 and 2006, you can manually add a new catalog in the Applications Manager:
Catalogue name: Claws Mail
Distribution: mistral or bora (mistral for OS 2006, bora for 2007)
Components: user
If you find bugs in Claws Mail, please report them in our Bugzilla, after verifying that it isn't already reported.
By default, Claws Mail uses leafpad as the external editor, which can be installed by clicking here.

osso-email to claws-mail mailbox conversion

To convert and copy emails from osso-email to claws-mail, first download this script. In an xterm, launch it with the name of an existing mailbox folder as a parameter.

Example : In claws-mail you have a mailbox named "foo". For this mailbox, a directory "foo" exists in your home directory : ~/foo/

Assume that is downloaded in the "./MyDocs/.documents/" directory and that the ~/foo/ directory also exists.

Launch the script using:
chmod +x ./MyDocs/.documents/
./MyDocs/.documents/ foo

Each mailbox in osso-email, and the mail they contain, is copied to the ~/foo directory and the sub-directories are created.
When the script has completed, start Claws Mail again, tap-and-hold the mailbox folder chosen above, and choose "Check for new folders". The folder "osso_to_claws" should appear, containing your Osso emails.