The user-friendly, lightweight, and fast email client Latest Release: 3.21.0 / 4.3.0 (News), on 10 June 2024

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10th June 2024                              Claws Mail 3.21.0 / 4.3.0


Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast
email client.

New in this release:

* Compose window: when the focus is in the message text, copied files
  can be pasted as attachments using /Edit/paste or Ctrl+V.
  (The context menu's Paste will still insert the list of files into
  the message body.)

* '/Mark/Mark all read in folder' and 'Mark/Mark all unread in
  folder' have been re-added to the Message List context menu.

* It is now possible to use '/Tools/Remove references' when
  forwarding mail.

* Keyboard shortcuts: The "Choose preset keyboard shortcuts" selector
  has been integrated into the main preferences page.
  When 'Current' is the selected preset, Apply/OK will keep the
  existing settings.
* An MBOX file can now be imported from the command line using
  `claws-mail --import-mbox %f` where %f is the full path to the
  MBOX file.

* OAUTH2 support for Microsoft 365 GCC High has been added.

* LiteHTML Viewer plugin: Updated to LiteHTML 0.9.

* The menurc file is now backed-up on startup.

* Removed support for the obsolete Avant Window Navigator.
* Various code cleanups.

* The manual has been updated.

* New translation: Albanian.  

* Updated translations: Catalan, Czech, French, Hungarian, Indonesian,
  Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

* bug fixes:
	* bug 4668, 'Sometimes, at program start, message list takes
		     all the vertical space'
	* bug 4720, 'matcher: release regex_t in
	* bug 4724, 'set proper availability status to sign/encrypt
		     toolbar buttons'
	* bug 4725, 'oauth2: remove trailing zero from transmit
		     buffer in oauth2_contact_server'
	* bug 4728, 'socket: handle GNUTLS_E_PREMATURE_TERMINATION in
	* bug 4730, 'oauth2: fix string handling in
	* bug 4733, 'Line breaks lost in headers'
	* bug 4734, 'ssl_certificate: remove unhelpful warnings from
		     certificate check'
	* bug 4746, 'matcher: remove incorrect condition in
	* bug 4747, 'matcher: simplify matcherprop_new'
	* bug 4749, 'release regex_t in
	* bug 4750, 'remove regcomp wrapper and call regcomp
	* bug 4752, 'Adjust incorrect debug_printf call in pgp
	* bug 4754, 'text/enriched literal less-than sign sequence
		     handled incorrectly
	* bug 4757, 'remove AX_FUNC_MKDIR'
	* bug 4758, 'remove unused check for bind_textdomain_codeset'
	* bug 4759, 'remove unused function checks from
	* bug 4760, 'use correct type for move_bar_id'
	* bug 4762, 'oauth2: preserve an existing refresh token'
	* bug 4765, 'only store smtp auth if authorization method is
	* bug 4766, 'preserve the expiry value of SMTP auth type is
		     not OAUTH2'
	* bug 4768, 'Adjust logic while evaluating enable_avatars'
	* bug 4770, 'remove intl from list of include directories'
	* bug 4773, 'remove obsolescent AC_C_CONST'
	* bug 4780, 'use proper prototype for two archiver functions'
	* bug 4781, 'use correct prototype for
	* bug 4782, 'use correct prototype for stop_archiving'
	* bug 4786, 'remove type confusion in getsockopt call in
	* bug 4787, 'Use correct function for memory transfer in
	* bug 4788, '"Change primary passphrase" disabled status
	* bug 4790, 'widget spacing in "Changing primary passphrase"
	* bug 4791, 'remove obsolete glib version check'
	* bug 4795, 'Please remove -no-cpp-precomp flag for Apple'
	* bug 4796, 'URL with wide character doesn't work'
	* bug 4798, 'Quoting wrong when format=flowed and
		     respect_flowed_format is set'
	* CIDs 1220325, 1491306 and 1491315, 'Explicit null
	  dereferenced (FORWARD_NULL)'
	* CIDs 1491064, 1491074, 1491211, 1491105, 1491139, 1491164,
	  1491166, 1491168, 1491169, 1491178, 1491232, 1491242,
	  1492281 and 1591844 'Use after free (USE_AFTER_FREE)'
	* CID 1491137 'Out-of-bounds access (OVERRUN)'
	* CID 1591952 values overwritten before being used
	* CID 1596595 'Resource leak'
	* errors caused by invalid MIME viewer command-line
	* building on non-X11 systems
	* Use CFLAGS provided by nettle.pc
	* Fancy plugin, recognise mid and data embedded images

For further details of the numbered bugs and RFEs listed above

See ChangeLog for full information regarding changes in this release.

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